DORA and your cyber resilience

Do you have concerns about the continuity of your business? We see asset managers concerned about the risk of cybercrime and its impact on their operations. The financial stability of you and your clients depends in part on secure and reliable ICT systems. DORA requires you to have measures in place against cyber threats by January 2025. With a free IT security scan Referit examines the resilience of your IT systems.

Challenges for asset managers

Without you knowing it, cybercriminals are working 365 days a year to find vulnerabilities within your IT systems. You think that won't happen to me, but once inside, the damage is extensive:

  • Your clients no longer have visibility into their portfolios;
  • You can no longer trade in the stock market;
  • There is no longer a connection to Depot banks.

IT failure puts your business continuity at risk. Reputational damage from possible claims for damages from your customers or from regulators are a result. With a modernized IT system, you can prevent this from happening. Such a system is secure, resilient and always available. And what's more, it offers the chance to future-proof your business.

Key challenges:

  1. DORA goes into effect January 2025;
  2. Resilience against cybercrime;
  3. Assurance that IT is always available;
  4. Maintaining business continuity.
Cybercriminals are constantly finding vulnerabilities within your IT systems.


Without the right security measures in place, the question is not if but when your systems will be hit by a cyber attack. These measures depend on your situation: is your IT in the office, in a nearby data center or in the cloud? Referit ensures optimal IT security in every situation.

The transition to the cloud offers you many opportunities. Among other things, modernizing your IT ensures that you no longer have hardware investments and that you only pay for the resources and services you use in the cloud. It is important to mention that security solutions are available in the cloud. These ensure optimal security and resilience of your IT systems. This provides you and your customers with the assurance that IT and data is always and everywhere available.

As an IT partner, Referit takes the worry out of modernizing your IT completely. This means you can continue to innovate, IT incidents are minimized, and you can fully focus on your business activities.

Asset manager Wijs & van Oostveen

Want to know more about how Referit, Wijs & Van Oostveen, is helping to modernize its IT environment? Director, Steven Sarphatie, is happy to tell you more about the cooperation with Referit and what the benefits are for his company and customers. You can reach Steven using the contact information below. He is aware that you are in touch.

You can of course also read through the customer case of Wijs & van Oostveen.

Wijs & van Oostveen

Steven Sarphatie: "I have no worries since I know Referit has my company's IT security well taken care of."

How does Referit help asset managers?

Through its cooperation with Wijs & van Oostveen, among others, Referit is well aware of the topics that are important for asset managers. An example is the importance of your cyber resilience and the continuity of your business operations in the context of DORA, but also for the future law NIS2.

We always take the personal approach when it comes to consulting on modernizing your IT landscape. Our motto: people first, then IT, is the guiding principle in this.

Why Referit?

  • We are a "small", solid and committed IT company based in Dordrecht;
  • We help organizations that want to continuously improve through innovation;
  • We don't get to work until we have mapped out your future IT needs;
  • We deliver only an IT solution that truly helps you move forward;
  • We are always available: you can contact us 24/7;
  • We are ISO 27001 - information security - certified.

IT security scan

A free IT security scan can be a first step to get acquainted with our personal and professional approach. With this scan, Referit examines the resilience of your IT systems.

After this assessment:

  • Inform you of the IT risks we have found;
  • Advise on security measures to be taken;
  • Do we do an implementation proposal.
With a free IT security scan, Referit examines the resilience of your IT systems.

Security scan plans

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