always clear.

At Referit, clarity and quality are paramount. Therefore, our teams work according to the DevOps principle. This means working together in teams where all expertises are represented. This way our communication lines are short, which allows us to switch fast.

How do we work?

To achieve the best result, it's important to have a good cooperation with you as our client. In a development project, Referit therefore works according to the scrum agile approach. This means: working in short cycles (sprints). The advantage is that you are always closely involved in the progress. You can always provide feedback inbetween sprints.

A new project starts with an intake. We then get acquainted, establish the goal of the project and discuss what the collaboration will look like. After that, we get to work. We usually work in two-week sprints. This way, our clients always have control over the content, priorities and budget. It's therefore always possible to make adjustments.

When working according to this approach, we can make sure we always develop something you are happy with.


A project is an investment. An organization is not going to leverage that investment until the solution is up and running. Of course, it is important that those systems continue to run properly. Professional management is essential in Referit's services.

Referit engineers use Azure cloud services and tools to monitor and manage systems in our data centers. This is done on the basis of an agreed SLA and the Referit Services Catalog.

Tickets are logged in the ticket system and handled according to ITIL principles. Through the customer portal, you have continuous insight into the status of reports and can submit new queries.

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