always human.

For over fifteen years, Referit has been a leader in cloud computing, application development and the design of complete work environments. Our goal? Making work easier for people.

People first, then technology

At Referit, we always say: people first, then technology. Companies employ people and not computers and those people want to do their job as good as possible. This is only achievable with a reliable IT system that does not need looking after. One that relieves workload and simply does what you ask. In this way you can focus on your core tasks, without having to worry.  

Informal atmosphere

Referit consists of a close and knowledgeable team with heart for the ICT profession. We always strive to deliver the best product and service for your organization. Short communication lines and personal service are paramount. At Referit you won't find us wearing neckties or using complicated language. We stand for an informal atmosphere, clear communication and a hands-on approach. No problem is too crazy for us.

Our team

Ron van der Zandt

This is Ron. He is a cloud solution advisor and helps organizations find the best fit solution. Ron is inquisitive, connecting and solution-oriented. In his spare time he likes to take pictures with his camera.

Michel de Gronckel

This is Michel. He is the director and ultimately responsible for everything related to operations and projects. Michel is pragmatic, analytical and goal-oriented. In his spare time, he follows everything from Formula 1.

Frans Koster

This is Frans. He is the general manager of Referit. Frans is no-nonsense and quickly understands a problem, so the solution can be found easily. In his spare time he can be found on the golf course.