Webinar: Why cloud integration is essential for your organization

Does your company also have a desire for faster time-to-market? Monthly savings on operating costs? Or do you have other questions about integrating an extensive application landscape? In this webinar we will give you practical tools for integrating applications in the cloud and share best practices from leading players.

application integration is an opportunity.

Many large companies in the Netherlands already use one or more applications in the cloud. The number of applications in the cloud is only increasing and so is the need to connect and integrate these applications. It is expected that cloud native platforms will form the basis for more than 95% of all digital initiatives by 2025.

Migrating to and keeping all data in the cloud can also save your company or organization a lot of time and effort, but especially costs. The time to market also decreases significantly. Cloud integration and hosting contributes to business continuity, cost efficiency and the scalability of your organization.

Our webinar will help you achieve your cloud implementation goals. We will give you directly applicable advice, give examples and share solutions that our customers are already working with on a daily basis. In short, in this webinar we get to the heart of application integration and Cloud hosting, as you would expect from Referit.

Are you also looking for practical tools for shaping your application landscape?

After this webinar, you will know more about Cloud integration, hosting and computing. You will know what the possibilities are and where the opportunities are for your business. We also offer help in shaping cloud strategies for businesses and organizations to get the best possible results with cloud implementation.

After this webinar, you will know more about cloud integration, hosting and computing.

About Referit.

Referit's team has over 25 years of experience as ICT specialists and over 10 years of experience in cloud computing and Integration. The Integration specialists are daily engaged in the integration of ICT systems. The people of Referit are valued by its customers on their personal no-nonsense approach with a strong specialism. This enables them to integrate various cloud services into one working solution for organizations.

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