The secret to a healthy business: information logistics

As a company grows, so does the number of processes, teams and software systems. Multiple departments emerge, each with its own systems, tasks and approach. If you don't think carefully about information logistics, chances are things will get out of hand. Before you know it, all sorts of systems pop up that don't mesh well with each other. Are there still Excel files wandering around your office checking that data is current, complete, correct and consistent? Then it's time to work on good information logistics.

what is information logistics?

Business processes often move through different systems and departments. That makes it difficult to structure things properly. At many companies I visit, employees work alongside each other. Data is stored everywhere and there is a high chance of inconsistencies between different data sets. This causes confusion, delays and errors. At Referit, we ensure that the right data becomes available at the right time, to the right person and in the right place. That's what we call information logistics.

more than an interface.

The trick is to capture the data once and then use it in other processes. We achieve this by creating smart links between different applications. Information logistics focuses on structuring data flows across different departments, processes and systems. At Referit, we go one step further. We implement interfaces and then monitor them from the process rather than individual links.

Referit provides active monitoring at the process level.

The concept of information logistics was not invented by Referit, but the emphasis on operational monitoring is unique. For us, the work is not over when a link is realized. We actively keep a eye on the link. As soon as we see that something goes wrong, we link it back to the customer at the process level. So we don't tell the customer: At 12 o'clock there was a problem with link B to system A and C. We explain that between 12-13 o'clock something went wrong with the creation of the packing slips. That is understandable language for the business and prevents a lot of hassle.


By conveniently setting up information logistics, Referit ensures that business processes are safeguarded and correct information exchange is guaranteed. The result? Better cooperation, shorter lead times, lower costs and greater customer satisfaction. A good basis for any healthy organization.

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