Referit becomes part of Futureproof Group

Futureproof Group strengthens its position in the Rotterdam region and expands its service portfolio in application development and application & data integration through the successful acquisition of Referit. This strategic move allows Referit to benefit from the economies of scale of Futureproof Group, while Referit retains its own identity.

Since its founding in 2007, Referit has developed into a leading player in the field of cloud computing, application development and the set-up of complete work environments thanks to expert employees and a strong customer focus. The company offers services in the areas of cloud services, (CSP) licensing, IT architecture, security, application development and application & data integration to a diverse customer base.

The partnership with Futureproof Group allows Referit to focus even more on serving its customers and improving and expanding its service offering by directly benefiting from the additional knowledge and expertise within the group. In addition, Referit's specialist services will be deployed at Futureproof Group customers.

Michel de Gronckel remains responsible for the technical and operational aspect of Referit, while Frans Koster continues to focus his attention on general and commercial matters. Both are supported with the additional knowledge, experience and resources of Futureproof Group. Michel de Gronckel emphasizes, "Given the speed at which the ICT landscape is evolving and the desire to expand and improve our service offerings, we have come to the conclusion that we can accelerate the realization of this ambition if we connect with a reputable group of ICT service providers. We have found that professional group of service providers in Futureproof Group. Referit will work closely with the other parts of Futureproof Group within this strong group of ICT companies. We have tremendous confidence in the cooperation and look forward to the next phase of growth for Referit and our valued customers."

The acquisition of Referit fits perfectly into Futureproof Group's growth strategy, further expanding its position in the Rotterdam region. In addition, the acquisition of Referit also further strengthens Futureproof Group's product portfolio in the areas of application development and application & data integration.

About Futureproof Group

Futureproof Group delivers and manages ICT infrastructures and cloud environments for its customers. It also provides services in the areas of IT security, business solutions, IT consulting, outsourcing and end-user support. Futureproof Group operates in the Dutch market from multiple offices and under different labels.

The companies that are part of the Futureproof Group are largely independent, with their own specializations and identity. Within the group, they cooperate closely by exchanging expertise and resources. They also take advantage of the benefits that scale brings, for example in the areas of training, recruitment & selection, procurement, certifications and in terms of investment in innovation and further growth through acquisitions. For more information, visit www.futureproof.nl.

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