Application and data integration

Data from customers, products or orders are often scattered across different systems and (cloud) applications. Unfortunately, these applications do not always communicate with each other. To avoid manual work and the risk of errors, we link applications together to optimize the business process. We ensure that applications communicate with each other and that information arrives in the right format, at the right time, in the right place.

application integration vs. data integration.

With application integration, Referit links different systems together. That way all relevant information is always and everywhere up-to-date. With application integration Referit makes your complex IT environment easy and flexible. We are experts in the field of BizTalk, but nowadays increasingly choose cloud solutions from Azure. Curious why? Watch our article and webinar on why you should migrate from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services.

With data integration, we consolidate data from various sources to enable, for example, central reporting or central monitoring and Master Data Management. We use Azure Integration services for this purpose.  

integration platform: azure integration services.

Referit is an official Microsoft Partner and takes full advantage of Azure Integration Services as its primary integration platform. Azure Integration Services is an advanced set of services that provide the ability to seamlessly connect and integrate data, applications, and processes. The platform supports the integration of both cloud-based and on-premise systems, enabling businesses to improve efficiency and achieve a seamless, automated flow of information within their IT infrastructure.

Referit is an official Microsoft Partner and makes full use of Azure Integration Services as its primary integration platform.

always relevant azure services.

Azure offers a wide range of services specifically focused on both application and data integration. At Referit, we use the Azure services listed below to develop solutions for our customers.

application integration:

Azure Logic Apps and Azure Function Apps enable our developers to automate complex integrations and workflows using a visual design, without the need for a lot of code. Azure API Management helps organize and manage APIs. Azure Service Bus provides reliable messaging between applications and services even under high load and unreliable network conditions.

data integration:

In terms of data integration, Azure has powerful services such as Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics. Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based ETL and data integration service that allows businesses, to collect, transform and load big data from various sources. Azure Synapse Analytics, on the other hand, is an integrated analytics service that combines big data and data warehousing.

always the best application.

For years, companies chose monolithic applications. These are stable and secure, but also very inflexible. More and more companies therefore choose the best application for a task, such as CRM, HR or planning, which is called the best-of-breed strategy. In addition, Referit also realizes a customized solution through application development. Best-of-breed choices work optimally, but also raise integration issues. We ensure that applications in the cloud or in data centers continue to communicate well with each other, for example through Azure application services and Azure Integration Services.  

always real-time supply chain integration.

Companies never stand alone. They are part of a chain with suppliers, customers and logistics partners. And those parties all communicate intensively with each other. This requires far-reaching digitalization and integration of information exchange. We realize solutions with EDI connections and Azure Integration services.

This is how we ensure that logistics processes, up to invoicing and all, run smoothly and data is delivered in real time. Want to know more about the possibilities, opportunities and trends around application integration? Then watch our webinar: why cloud integration is essential for your organization.

always optimal business processes.

Sometimes business processes can be pretty ingrained. Then the work is done "because that's the way it's always been done". Time for a fresh look! Because why do it manually if you can do it automatically? Automating business processes prevents mistakes and saves time. Employees get more space for their core tasks. And that benefits everyone: organization, employees and customers. Discover 5 steps to optimize your business processes here.


Improved and accelerated internal processes
Always up-to-date information
Real-time integration with business partners
Optimal management of corporate data
Improved and accelerated internal processes
Always up-to-date information
Real-time integration with business partners
Optimal management of corporate data

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