Integration of processes and applications with BizTalk
KWF Kanker Bestrijding performs scientific research and fundraising, among other things. A large part of KWF's income comes from regular donors and lottery participants. It is important to KWF that donations are collected correctly and that donors are provided with the right information when they ask for it.


The primary issue why KWF turned to Referit, was ensuring the continuity and functionality of the BizTalk environment. In addition, KWF asked for help in integrating the lottery platform with BizTalk. The reason was that KWF was at the limits of its ability to raise more funds. With the lottery service platform in place, it is possible for KWF to organize different lotteries more easily.

It is very important for KWF to be able to properly monitor, measure and control its business processes. If these processes do not run correctly and in real time, it leads to problems, such as:

  • Improper recording of personal and financial data of donors in the various systems;
  • Inability to collect contributions or collect them in a timely manner;
  • The stagnation of KWF's donor and lottery activities;
  • No up-to-date understanding of marketing information.
BizTalk as an integration platform is the spider in the web for KWF. BizTalk guarantees the timeliness, correctness and completeness of data flows between all applications.


KWF and Referit work closely together in managing, maintaining and further developing the BizTalk platform. For KWF, BizTalk as an integration platform is the spider in the web that ensures that information flows are handled and processed between all applications.

Donors and lottery participants become customers by entering personal and financial data on KWF's website. KWF's BizTalk platform automatically processes these registrations and converts them into a customer relationship. To handle customer registration, BizTalk is integrated with the CRM system (Salesforce), the lottery platform and the Customer Data Platform.

KWF is committed to a full cloud landscape. Hosting and management, plus development capacity and expertise is provided by Referit's team.


The KWF BizTalk platform is located in Referit's mirrored data center. With a VPN tunnel, KWF's office in Amsterdam is connected to the data center and thereby linked to its internal systems. All processes and APIs are 24/7 proactively monitored and managed by Referit.


The result is that all processes surrounding donors and lottery participants are fully automated. This means that KWF no longer has to carry out manual actions and that all direct debits are distributed over time. This puts less pressure on the organization and minimizes the risk of errors.

We found the cooperation with Referit so positive that we have agreed to continue working together in the coming years!
Pascal Bloemers - KWF

How does KWF experience the cooperation with Referit?

Watch the video below in which Pascal Bloemers and Riccardo van Mourik share their experience about the collaboration between KWF and Referit.