Application integration with Azure Integration Services
With around 60 franchise stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, Intratuin is a well-known player in the garden and greenery sector. The extensive assortment of garden products, plants, garden tools and furniture continues to grow, as do the branches in Belgium and Germany. A large and dynamic company often requires an extensive IT landscape. And within a large IT landscape, it can sometimes be difficult to keep an overview of all the information flows.


Orders from the stores ran through the central ERP system from headquarters to hundreds of suppliers who delivered directly to the stores. Because of this method of information processing, Intratuin suffered from several problems:

  • Errors in manual data entry and processing;
  • Inefficient deliveries to stores;
  • No central understanding of information;
  • Information not up-to-date and no real-time insight into inventory status.


Intratuin had decided to move away from one central ERP solution and adopt a best-of-breed approach for specific applications. It was also decided to use a logistics provider with an external warehouse for the "non-green" products from now on. Goods had to be delivered from suppliers to the external warehouse. This allowed the logistics provider to supply the stores with targeted goods from all suppliers where orders had been placed and created a central overview of stocks.

In the old situation, Intratuin used BizTalk for the information flows. Referit realised the new application integration solution together with Intratuin in Azure, using Azure Integration services.

The solution handles message exchange and data transformation including error handling, such as:

  • Deliver orders from the ERP system in EDI format (AS2 messages) to TieKinetix for delivery to the (hundreds of) suppliers and as advance notice to the logistics partner IDL;
  • Order confirmations from TieKinetix to Intratuin and IDL;
  • (Partial) deliveries and inventory data from IDL to Intratuin.
Referit realized the new solution with Intratuin in Azure, using Azure Integration services.


Technically, the solution consists of an Azure tenant using Azure Integration Services (function apps, logic apps, service bus, database, API management, dashboard) with an EDI adapter to TieKinetix and APIs to IDL and the ERP system (Dynamics AX).


This solution eliminated errors and delays in the process. The business processes between the stores, headquarters, suppliers, distribution center and stores are now streamlined and with the correct up-to-date information.